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If you are considering working for Register Talent LLC "RT" in Williamsville New York or any other studio or agency with your Streamate account, please read my review. I predict that RT will post many phony positive reviews after I spread my negative experience to as many people who I can get to read it. Please note that I will show my face to show you that I am a REAL person.

I want to tell you about my experience with RT Cams and the nightmare "Kristopher Howard" and his company (one person) has put me through. I beg you to learn from my mistake, and AVOID this company like the plague.

I am an amateur *** girl with a growing business. I contacted RT to help with my own website, and "Kristopher" was quick to direct me to his studio to webcam with Streamates. I have worked with Streamates before and with disappointing results (before my *** videos). Kris told me that some of his models are making 20-100% more from than what they made on their own, and also he would help me with my settings and make sure I was streaming in HD quality. He would also raise my private and exclusive rates and label my stream account as pornstar, all of this I could have done on my own, but the allure of his extra help with promotions, and confident voice made me quick to agree to sign on with him "verbally," not written.

Everything seemed perfect while he got me set up, a new webcam (I bought), new settings for my encoder, etc., until I got on and started working with him. I found that I was making the same on streamate that I was before, but was selling more of my videos, and custom videos. This is business that I would have made without him, because obviously I didn't have the *** business before. I was making the same as I did with him on the webcam alone, well almost minus his "5% cut."

RT studios takes 5% of your pay and they "advertise" you on three of their sites that don't even show up in the top 10 pages of google search for "cam girls, cam sex, or cam nude modeling;" basically this means their sites are garbage. They also charge you $3 simply to write out a check for you, but he justifies it by telling you they do work by showing what you have made annually with their company. Which means nothing to me, I could do that by my own by logging in my earnings on an excel file, or just "look it up" because streamates saves your earnings information.

I knew I wanted out right away, but I wanted to give them a fair shot. I gave them four weeks. I thought this was kind of me because this was "repaying Kris" for his time with me in setting up my account; he did help with my encoder and telling me my supposed HD webcam was garbage. The settings, by the way, is something you can also look up with streamates "on your own."

When I called to have Kris release me, he said that his manager, "Evan" might not allow me to be released. I was livid! I did what anyone would do when they are dissatisfied with a service. I asked to speak to a manager, which I will discuss later, I let him know that I will write honest reviews online of my experiences with RT, and I told him I will meet with a lawyer to help right their wrong. Kris saw this as "threats," but I see it is a kindness to let him know that I am not one to be used and treated like a "*** in his stable."

Two days later I get a call from Kris, "good news, they will release me. I sent an email to Streamate to release you from our studio." Phew! I was relieved but still suspicious. I popped onto my MissMissa account and did a private session with a customer. I looked at my earnings and saw that I was still working for Kris at RT.

I emailed Stream Mates:

Chris from RT studios told me that he emailed you to release me. I signed on today, and found that they are still taking his 5 percent cut, so I quickly signed off. Please let me know when I am 100% with Streamates and NOT RT studios. Thanks, Melissa -- MissMissa on Streamate

Stream mate emailed me back with a confusing response. They did not answer my question but left more questions to be answered:

'I'm sorry, but currently its not possible to just "switch" accounts. Accounts within studios are protected and cannot just close and open up elsewhere. Please contact your studio manager for any further questions. Hope this helps' Thanks

Kris said that he would CC me on the email when he would release me previously, but he never did. I suspect that he never emailed Streamates at all! Why would he? If I get on, I work for him and his 5%, if I don't get on, there is no money to be made for him. There is no benefit in his mind to release me from his studio. I have texted him, and asked him to email again and CC me on the "release" email. No response.

I am not able to speak to manager "Evan," nor will Kris tell me the manager's last name. If you do a search for RT company, it shows the company as "1" employee. This makes sense because the only person I have spoken with is Kris and he answers my streaming questions at different times of the day and night. The fact that this is a one man operation, doesn't bother me, but it does bother me when I am lied to. The fact that Streamate allows studios like RT to hijack your account, and sort of force you to work in a slavery type environment is outrageous, shocking, and just wrong. I sell independently on other website, and have other sources of income. If Streamate was my only income, I would be even more upset than I am. I shudder to think of all the women who are working in slavery type situations where they can not be released from their studios. It is my hope that as many women as possible read my story, and stay as far away from RT and other studios as possible.

My prediction is that RT will post many "fake" positive reviews of his company. But to show you that I am a real person, I will post my face here. (See MissMissa on clips4sale)

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I just wanted to update. I did receive an email from Streamate that said "RT studio has not emailed them a release for my account." Kristopher from Register Talent lied about that as well. It looks like I will have to wait three months until my account is archived to get back to work "webcamming."

What a nightmare!

I am currently looking for a lawyer to see what they can do for me. I wish I could have did this the easy way, and just been released: simple and fair. Frustrating. :upset

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